Our Ministers

IMG_20161019_100525342_HDR.jpgWe are in the enviable position of having had not one, but two Ministers. Sarah Fegredo is our Baptist Pastor, and Janet Tanner our Methodist Minister.

Sarah came to know Jesus aged 26 and decided to follow him. She met and married Mike soon afterwards.  Mike is also a Baptist pastor, so she has been serving Jesus in various ways for more than 25 years. After studying for a degree in Youth and Community Work with Applied Theology, she was ordained in 2009 and previously worked as the Youth and Children’s Pastor at West Bridgford Baptist Church.  She has a passion for telling people about how much God loves them and wants them to know him, and believes that one of the ways people can know this is through the love shown to them by people in the church. Sarah has two grown-up children, one of whom is a film-maker and the other works for Lush, so her house always smells lovely.  When she isn’t working she likes surfing the internet, watching films and TV, and reading.  She is often to be found in The Oasis, enjoying a cuppa and maybe a cake, so do come and say hello and have a chat; she would love to meet you.

Janet has been a Methodist minister for 12 years in the Nottingham and Derby District. Like Sarah, she is also married to another minister, in Janet’s case, for more than 30 years. She loves making homes and, especially, gardens. This has been useful, as Methodist Ministers tend to move around and so there have been plenty of gardens needing a ‘makeover’ over the years! Janet likes cooking and eating with family and friends. She began preaching and leading worship when she was 16, and these remain her greatest passions. Janet finds it to be a delight to be together with others in worship, to be in God’s presence with people of all ages and stages of their journey and to grow together in Jesus’ loving and peaceful ways of living.

Janet says “It is a great joy to have joined Hugglescote Community Church, along with Sarah and Deborah. I’m looking forward to exciting times. I’m looking forward to working with everybody in this new church as together we share the good news of Jesus’ love and care in all sorts of ways with all in the community and make a real difference.”